Tirion Homes to deliver low energy systems at Parc Eirin

Master plan

The Parc Eirin project will be delivered via a partnership between Tirion Homes, POBL Group and Sero Energy. The 15-acre site is situated about 2.5km south of Gilfach Goch and 3km west of Tonyrefail, at the head of the Ely Valley and will cater for 225 homes for rent and sale. The project was awarded planning consent in 2015 and has subsequently been proposed as a low carbon development integrating innovative low carbon technology seamlessly into the building fabric. The project has been awarded funding through the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme to demonstrate and promote a new scalable housing model for Wales.

Pobl will construct homes for sale and shared ownership, Tirion will construct homes for intermediate rent. Site preparation works are complete and house construction is planned to commence in early 2019.

Tirion Homes and Pobl, in partnership with Sero Energy, will deliver low energy systems for the entire site. Tirion is seeking to prove the commercial proposition of both low energy and modular construction techniques using innovative long term investment structures. Tirion intends to roll out the technologies across their other projects once the commercial proposition has been proven at Parc Eirin and there is sufficient capacity in the required supply chains.

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