Our Vision


Our overarching “Mission” is to develop and invest in affordable new homes for rent and sale and in doing so create a legacy and maintain an expanding property portfolio that will deliver the Group’s charitable objectives.

Group Objectives

The Group’s charitable objectives are to:

  • Provide housing, accommodation and assistance to help house people who are in need of such housing, accommodation and assistance by reason of their poverty, age, disability (whether physical or mental or learning disability) or sickness;
  • Provide and assist in providing associated facilities and amenities for such people; and
  • Prevent poverty amongst these groups more generally.

The Group’s Strategic objectives are to:

Increase housing supply and create greater choice in the market;

  • Provide people with quality homes in quality surroundings that suit their individual circumstances;
  • Provide homes at a discounted cost with secure flexible packages within the reach of working people;
  • Deliver homes through an innovative business and funding model without government grant or subsidy;
  • Benefit from the Group’s expertise and extensive experience in developing brownfield, derelict and contaminated sites; and
  • Drive economic growth, regeneration and employment wherever the Group operates through both direct jobs and the formation of Skills Academies and establish aspirational and sustainable communities.